The science of success – Part II!

In 2024, to succeed in the cannabis industry, you have to believe in science. Bon Stock was curious to learn more about GrowerIQ software. From seed to sale, GrowerIQ software offers licensed producers the best of AI. It’s a unified platform for tracking crop cycle data, environmental records and customer orders. Andrew Wilson and Marion Di Palma agreed to answer our questions.

Here is the second (2/2) of Bon Stock’s two articles on GrowerIQ. You can read the first article here.

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Founder & CEO

Marion Di Palma

Marion Di Palma

Business Dev. & Social Media Manager

Science at the service of the cannabis industry

GrowerIQ, the tool for LP's because...
Progress is measured!  

GrowerIQ says that it is changing the way producers use software—transforming a regulatory requirement into a robust platform to learn, analyze, and improve performance. That is OK. But how does GrowerIQ change the way to grow cannabis for a master grower? What does GrowerIQ bring to the life of the people who grow the flowers?

Ease of use, and Master Grower insights available inside the platform. GrowerIQ simplifies reporting and activity tracking, so that growers can get off of the computer and get back to what they do best, growing great cannabis. 

A lot of microproducers want to get a full standard licence at some point. Growing at scale is the primal difficulty for an LP that wants to expand its production. Is GrowerIQ a tool that has a proven track record to achieve such a difficult transformation? Can you share some examples?

GrowerIQ supports producers of all sizes, and can certainly be adjusted to reflect expansions, whether that means adding additional grow rooms, adding more users to the platform, or linking various sites together in the case that your team expands to multiple locations.
Currently we support every type of client around the world – from smaller R&D licenses, through to big public companies and even the Government of Barbados.

One of your clients says that GrowerIQ saved them 3,000 hours of manual labour. Is there a way to quantify the savings BEFORE launching a full implementation of GrowerIQ? Can the initial exchanges between an LP and GrowerIQ generate a clear picture of the savings to come?

Yes we have a Return on Investment model that we can share which will help quantify the results of your investment; we input some of your common current practices, and then compare how long those practices would take in the GIQ system.

Activity log GrowerIQ

 One prime example would be the manual process around compiling batch records; without our system, you would have to find any relevant paper, export associated data from 3rd party systems, and chase down paper signatures before you can close a batch and release it; with GrowerIQ’s Master Batch Record, all of this can be done in one click

Right now, most companies have separate software and documentation systems for every aspect of their tracking, from quality assurance to compliance tracking. The substitution for a single software can be daunting. What kind of accompaniment do you offer once the software is purchased? What kinds of relationships are you trying to build? 

We help producers with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to make sure that clients feel they always have somebody ready to help; beyond that, we always pair our global network with our platform’s service; for example, one of our QC clients was looking for international contracts, so one of our team provided the connection to some of our clients in EUR, and it resulted it turned into some profitable business! We’re not just here to be a software company, we’re here to be partner and grow together.

There is always a way to improve growing cannabis. Can GrowerIQ propose actual recommendations? Is there some AI in the software that can help to simplify the life of all managers? For example, can GrowerIQ propose some solutions to lower operation costs? What about real time environmental monitoring? Or simply creating better planning, production and forecasting?

GrowerIQ has implemented insights from our Master Grower partner, to support cultivators through the growing journey. We also integrate with environmental sensors, so that growers can monitor the environmental elements in each grow room, adjust them to their optimal set-points, and receive notifications based on those preferred set-points.

We’ve also incorporated AI into our document repository which can act as your own in-house consultant, and training partner; DocIQ allows you to ask questions of your documents directly, and get smart, contextual answers back that help slash training time, and clarify any points of regulatory confusion.

Can GrowerIQ be configured in French? Or Spanish?

GrowerIQ is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, & Portuguese. 

Health Canada has its own view of good production practices guide for cannabis. How does GrowerIQ fit in that puzzle?

GrowerIQ has been a partner to LPs in Canada for many years, and have been responsible for speeding customers through HC Audits; relying on the modules and practices in GIQ means you are setting yourself up for success to follow HC’s Good Production Practices guidelines.

Can you share a typical report produced by GrowerIQ? Can business insights be also generated by GrowerIQ?

GrowerIQ has reports like one-click Master Batch Records, monthly CTLS reports, and all your B300 analysis already ready to go for you in the GrowerIQ platform.

A variety of sensors are used in the Canadian cannabis industry. How does GrowerIQ deal with this complex and costly situation? Can an LP compare the metrics in GrowerIQ with yield and lab testing data, for example?

Yes, you can connect sensors into the platform, and upload lab testing reports right into the platform. These can also be linked directly to specific batches, allowing you to have all of the required data available in one safe location.

How about HVAC, lighting, and irrigation? Can they be controlled through GrowerIQ?

No, we don’t take over controls of hardware, so the platform doesn’t replace any of the control set points or systems that your facility already runs.

EU GMP, GPP, GACP. . . Can GrowerIQ interface with each of these regulations? Is it possible for an LP to go from zero to GPP to GMP within GrowerIQ over a few years?

Yes absolutely; GrowerIQ was designed to GACP, and EU GMP regulations right from the beginning, which makes it incredibly helpful as a partner when the LP is going through their own certification process.

Is this a full digital solution? Are clipboards still necessary or intelligent phones can replace them?

GrowerIQ is a completely digital solution- allowing your team to eliminate paperwork and sign off digitally on any required documentation.

Let’s say a microproducteur knocks at your door tomorrow. Give us a feeling for the process, the length of it, and the cost?

At GrowerIQ, we like to first find out what obstacles the producer is currently facing, so that we can help solve those challenges. After learning more about these challenges, we will customize a demo to meet their needs, and provide a quote (monthly fee) based on the size and scope of the operation, and what elements of the platform they will require- since every operation is quite different. In terms of timeline, we can have a new platform released to the customer in a few days. We’d then spend the next couple of weeks working through a customized training plan and customizing the platform to their specific operational needs.

This was the  second article (2/2) on the Science of Success with GrowerIQ. You can read the first article here.

Again, a big thank you to the GrowerIQ team for their time and generosity.