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In 2024, to succeed in the cannabis industry, you have to believe in science. Bon Stock was curious to learn more about GrowerIQ software. From seed to sale, GrowerIQ software offers licensed producers the best of AI. It’s a unified platform for tracking crop cycle data, environmental records and customer orders. Andrew Wilson and Marion Di Palma agreed to answer our questions.

Here is the first (1/2) of Bon Stock’s two articles on GrowerIQ.

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Founder & CEO

Marion Di Palma

Marion Di Palma

Business Dev. & Social Media Manager

Science at the service of the cannabis industry

GrowerIQ, the tool for LP's because...

GrowerIQ is a Seed-to-Sale solution. Can you present the story behind the creation of the firm?

GrowerIQ’s parent company, Wilcompute Systems, has built software solutions for the past 25 years. What they do is create solutions for large enterprises such as HP and SKF which are, of course, global companies. They’ve been our customers for the past 20+ years. Wilcompute is also in another heavily regulated space—the aerospace industry. When cannabis opened up, we thought it would be an easy transition since we were already placed in such a regulated environment. At this point, we partnered with a renowned Master Grower, in order to understand the grower’s perspective. The goal was to create a platform that integrated all of the various aspects/systems that producers required in their facilities, for an all-in-one, unfragmented solution. 

For those not familiar with the concept, can you explain what is a Seed-to-Sale solution? Is this something new only to the cannabis industry?

A seed-to-sale solution tracks quite simply every activity in a cannabis production facility from the point of acquiring/planting the seed, all the way through to wholesale or medical patient sales.

This includes tracking cultivation/processing activities and plant/product stages, tracking compliance related documentation and QMS activities, CAPAs and destruction reports, Enterprise Resource Planning, SOPs, and wholesale accounts.

Your site claims that GrowerIQ is the only cannabis cultivation software and ERP on the market designed by a Master Grower. Really? Tell us more. . .

Most other platforms were repurposed from other industries, like food, water management, non-cannabis agriculture, etc., which makes it incredibly difficult to shoehorn into your cannabis operation. Our is the first platform to be designed exclusively for cannabis, with guidance from a top master grower. This means our platform flows are intuitive and proven in the real world. Don’t get stuck using a platform that wasn’t designed for cannabis.

GrowerIQ is presented like a Swiss Army knife. . . Great for everybody, from the microproducteurs to the big LP with a standard licence. That is your promise. What is the most misunderstood concept about GrowerIQ?

GrowerIQ is not for retail/POS purposes. It is built for growers and processors.

After 5 years of legalization, the EU-GMP certification is still a mystery for most LP. Can GrowerIQ help them make sense of it all?

GrowerIQ does not provide LPs with EU-GMP accreditation, however, it has been designed to meet EU-GMP requirements, allowing LPs to maintain compliance and record-keeping. Using a compliant platform like GrowerIQ will help make the LP’s life easier when they have to go through their own EU-GMP certification process. 

Is GrowerIQ a solution too big for a microproducteur? From being a close partner to many cannabis LPs, can you tell us what aspect of their daily tasks would benefit the most from GrowerIQ?

GrowerIQ works with MANY micro-producers across Canada and around the world. The system was designed to be modular, so the great thing is that producers of all sizes can use the parts that fit with their operation, and not have to worry about the parts that don’t fit.  

The number one feature we often hear about is our Digital Master Batch Record. This feature pulls together all activities from across your team, and incorporates everything related to a particular batch and turns it into an MBR with one click. This includes all activities performed on the batch, quality activities like deviations, CAPAs, and even the sanitation activities performed on the relevant rooms. It’s an audit-proven lifesaver!

Is it possible to bring in GrowerIQ to streamline the production without jeopardizing the quality of the harvests in the process?

Absolutely. In fact, GrowerIQ allows you to look back at optimal grow room conditions from past batches, and duplicate them for consistent production and harvests.

GrowerIQ is said to be the first cannabis cultivation management platform to integrate all the bells and whistles. What does that mean on a day-to-day basis?

This means that users who take on multiple hats can rely on one user-friendly system to track daily activities, as opposed to having multiple software systems—for example, it is common for LPs to subscribe to multiple platforms for features like a CRM, ERP, and QMS.

With GrowerIQ, you have modules for every team, with all these features readily available. On top of that, each module is linked together for ease of use, which you wouldn’t find if you had to buy each system separately.

The best growers say that if you don’t track the conditions of growth, you don’t know what you are doing. Is GrowerIQ a tool that can help a master grower without making him or her a slave of a digital paperwork monster regimen? Put differently, is it possible to grow a premium flower if you cannot track the physical conditions existing within your culture spaces?

Without using a robust system like GrowerIQ to track all of those conditions, it leaves a lot of unknowns on the table, which can lead to errors, ultimately causing batches to be destroyed, or simply cause batches to be inconsistent.

Let’s say an LP knows he has to find a Seed-to-Sale software. It can be totally overwhelming when everything is so financially difficult. So how do the humans at GrowerIQ help to alleviate the stress created by the quest for a better solution? Because it is an important part of your reputation, GrowerIQ is known to be great at onboarding new users.

GrowerIQ is the most user-friendly platform available. We will work with LPs, customizing the modules they have access to, which can help LPs pay for only the features they want to use. 

Langues GrowerIQ 

GrowerIQ is known for being great at onboarding because each customer is given a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who is responsible for ensuring everybody is trained and knows how to execute the flows specific to their facility in the GIQ platform.

We’ve also now been fortunate to upgrade many producers to GrowerIQ from other platforms. As such we have automated data scripts to help import data from other platforms to save teams from the hassle of having to do it themselves.

Compliance is the most hated topic by LP. . . How does GrowerIQ help create more precise reports? Is there a way to automate these jobs? Is there a philosophy behind GrowerIQ’s way to tackle the compliance conundrum?

The team at GrowerIQ has worked very hard to create a module that is an exact replica of the Health Canada reporting system. This means that teams can save countless hours every month when compiling this report for Health Canada, by having a one-click solution that compiles all of your data together for you, freeing your team up for other important tasks. In addition, GrowerIQ allows your team to generate Master Batch records with ease—you can aggregate all activities, sampling steps, lab results, and more into a single downloadable file. 

We have the same automated capabilities for calculating your B300 reports;

The platform also has an advanced data analytics module which allows you to build and save your own reports, to help speed up monthly reporting.

The name of the game is having great SOPs. Is it true that GrowerIQ shares with its clients SOPs that have been tested and proved reliable?

GrowerIQ does provide custom SOPs for licensed producers—everything from propagation, to harvest procedures, to destruction activities, to sanitation, and pest management—we have it all. The great thing about GrowerIQ is that we offer a digital document repository, allowing your team to upload your SOPs into the platform, avoiding handfuls of paperwork in the facility. 

GrowerIQ is also the first cannabis platform to incorporate AI into its document repository; now you can use our DocIQ module to ask questions of your SOPs, which allows the AI to help train and onboard new users faster than ever!

The second part will be published next week!

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